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Please keep your documents in a safe place.

I want to make an important note.  Please keep your documents at home in a safe place, some of my clients have notified me that everything has been stolen from them. 

We know how difficult and expensive it is to get them, and then lose them, and then be left with the worry of identity theft and other consequences of double and falsified documents. 

If you are a resident, leave your residence at home, learn your social security number and leave it at home too.  Only carry your driver’s license. 

If you have a work permit, get a good one copy it, plastic it if you want but leave the original card at home, learn the social by heart and only walk with your driver’s license.

BE VERY CAREFUL!   Do not leave your things in the car or in a locker at work.  If you deliver it to an employer, pick it up immediately and do not lose sight of it.

Guard yourself against identity theft and the consequences of falsified documents.

Leyte Rivera

CEO Leyte Global Services

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