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Before you continue we think is a good idea that you hear a bid about Leyte Rivera, the founder of

Leyte Global Services.

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.  I was born and grow up in Havana, Cuba. I moved to NY in 2000 and I became part of Durham, NC in 2012 .  For the past 5 years I dedicated my self to help people in different ways.  In particular I extremely enjoy creating tailored trips to Cuba.  It has been my experience that the US and Cuba have more in common that I used to think and to my sweet surprise so it does Bull City.  I love to talk about Cuba,  I love to work with my fellow Cubans. I would be more than happy to tell you about it and if you are thinking about visiting the Island one day, I hope you give me the pleasure to take you.

About Us

About Cuba

Traveling to Cuba is not harder now due to the new restrictions that went into effect on November 9th, 2017, the 12 categories are still in place, airlines are still flying directly between the United States and Cuba, there are plenty of hotels where you  can stay and of course our groups favorites, casas particulares,  to pick from all over the Island, but there is more, you can still  bring cigars, art or rums for your consumption. Cuba is a unique  destination, a safe and beautiful island, it is still LEGAL as long as you travel  with a company experienced in Cuba.  

Income Tax


Tax season is here, like every year the IRS makes changes in many aspects.  It is important to have your finances straight and to make sure you find a tax preparer that is authorize to file your taxes. At LGS we take our time reviewing your situation and asking all the right questions to ensure that we can file your taxes correctly. We take our time with you, you are not a case or a client, we are here to serve you in every way we can. 

We meet our clients at our office while others are out of state, either way we provide the best service. We can start working on your taxes while you are waiting for other forms and documents to arrive. Contact us today, if you are a small business owner call us now to make sure you have all the documentation needed in time. 

Past and Present Collaborations/References

  • Duke University
  • Carolina Friends School
  • Old Havana Sandwich Shop
  • Go Global NC -UNC-

Sponsor of the VIII Intercontinental Convention Hominis 2018

Held In Havana, Cuba From November 19-24, 2018

The Cuban Psychology Society, promoter of these events from the year 1999, offers a reprint Hominis 2018,  with a contemporary vision according to requirements and claims of  Cuban Psychology, inserted in the dynamics of our social project with  his achievements, perspectives and future defiance’s. The dialogue of  knowledge’s and various manners of professional acting in the fruitful  intercontinental interchange is one of this Convention's fortresses. 

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Notice for U.S. citizens in Cuba

 As of August 23, 2018 the U.S. Embassy in Havana resumed offering  the full range of American Citizen Services including passport renewals,  first time passport applications, notary services, authentication  services, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA), and emergency  assistance to U.S. citizens in Cuba. 

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Response to January 2018 Preliminary Injunction

Nuevas Medidas Cubanas en Efecto


A partir de este 1ro de enero de 2018 entraron en vigor las cuatro medidas migratorias que anunciara desde el pasado 28 de octubre el canciller cubano Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, un paquete de normativas que vienen a dar continuidad a la reforma migratoria implementada por Cuba en el año 2013. Como parte del “proceso de actualización de la política migratoria” de la isla, el Gobierno cubano dispuso; 

1-Eliminar la “Habilitación” del pasaporte para los viajes a Cuba de los emigrados cubanos. 

2-Se determinó autorizar la entrada y salida a Cuba de ciudadanos cubanos residentes en el exterior en embarcaciones de recreo, a través de las Marinas Turísticas Internacionales Hemingway y Gaviota-Varadero, lo cual, una vez que estén creadas las condiciones, se ampliaría progresivamente a otras marinas. 

3-Se aprobó permitir la entrada a Cuba de los ciudadanos cubanos que salieron ilegalmente del país, excepto aquellos que lo hicieron a través de la Base Naval de los Estados Unidos en Guantánamo

4- Por último, se orientó eliminar el requisito de avecindamiento para que los hijos de cubanos residentes en el exterior, que hayan nacido en el extranjero, puedan obtener la ciudadanía cubana y su documento de identidad.

Coming Soon -List of Documents required to file your taxes-

Our Services

Travel Services

  • Cuban Specialist
  • Custom Trips to Cuba under people to people and other licenses.
  • Mission trips
  • Educational Encounters between Cuba & US
  • Travel to many world destinations
  • Cruses & Disney vacations 
  • Visas

Tax Preparer and More

  • Personal & Small Business
  • ITIN Originator
  • Fresh Start Programs
  • Public Notary

Services for Cuban Nationals

  • Passport Handling/Procesos de Pasaportes
  • Flights, cars, hotels and B&B reservations/reservacion de vuelos, carros, hoteles y casas particulares
  • Immigration Data Entry/formularios de Imigracion
  • Certified Document Translation/traduccion certificada de documentos.

Meet the Team

Leyte Rivera

I'm the founder of Leyte Global Services,  I moved from Cuba to NYC almost 20 years ago and for the last 4 years I am proud to call Durham, NC my home. My passion is to help and service others.  Following my calling I created an environment where people can feel that services at our office are more than business, we like to believe we can make a difference in someones life.

Karen Marquez

Born in the second largest city of Mexico, Guadalajara.  Moved at a young age to California.  In 1996, North Carolina became the home I always dreamed of.  I have a deep passion in travel and exploring new places.  My goal is to help each customer with purpose and meaning, by creating a unique experience. I hope to serve everyone in the most efficient beneficial way.

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